Florida Extreme Entertainment, FXE, is very proud of what we are able to provide and the multifaceted plan for continued growth within the community. The explanation of what we have and can accomplish is best broken down into four parts.

High Quality Entertainment- FXE is proud of the fact that we work in cooperation with the schools and scouts of the WWE. Because of our years of friendships within the business, it allows us to bring the talent that is heading to the WWE or is currently on their roster as their “minor league systems” of Evolve or NXT. Our partnership with these schools isn’t the only benefit of our relationship. Our access to current WWE Hall of Famers is enhanced by the owners friendships with past stars. That translates into an advantage for FXE to be able to bring this fantastic talent to a show, at a discounted rate. Further, to the paying fan in the stands.

Charity Assistance- Being able to help charities has gotten harder for several reasons. It is our belief, in order to now get precious revenue from John Q. Public, you must provide either a value or a reason for them to part with discretionary money. That is where the “names” FXE is able to bring and the quality level of performance is our greatest advantage in helping charities. With wonderful sponsors such as yourself, we are able to provide 100% of the ticket sales to the charity of the performance.

Wrestlers Advancement- FXE is also an instructional performance. As mentioned, a percentage of the wrestlers are in the WWE system. Another percentage of each performance is from three WWE sanctioned schools. What we are able to do is provide each show with one WWE trainer and scout to give our staff an evaluation of the performance of each wrestler. Allowing us to help each wrestler on their path to the highest stage.

Eye On The Future- Looking ahead to FXE and its role within the community. We are looking at Summer of 2020 as the target for the opening of the “FXE Growth & Performance Center”. The Center will be used for several purposes. Yoga, Cross-fit and of course wrestling training will be available to the community, as well as a gym with weights. The Center will also be a place for performances of wrestling and with live music or exhibitions. It will contain a production area complete with green screen for video recordings. Also, a classroom is planned with tutors available. The classroom is for wrestlers looking for further education, but will also be part of our after school program. From 3p-6p the center will be closed and become an after school area. We will take 90 of the area children and put them in our R.E.F. program (Respect Education Fitness). The children will be involved in all three areas of personal growth. Respect, taught in a ring and on mats teaching a child how to work with a partner and the respect you need for the other person’s well being. Education, this is homework and further learning time for each with the tutors on hand. Fitness, each child will have time with a fitness instructor as play activities are incorporated in getting exercise. The food bar will be filled with natural healthy snacks during gym hours and during the after school program. Events will have special menus.

It’s been said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Together, we can raise a village.

We will be continuing to build FXE here in Florida, as we also look to build our fan base throughout America and abroad under FXE Adrenaline Wrestling.

The first state in we have accomplished that goal is now, West Virginia!!