FXE debut show is a hit!

Leesburg, Fl.- One of the great strengths of the Lake County community is the sense of patriotism you feel throughout the area. The down to earth ways about the community make you feel at home, even for the new to the area. The strength of the American Dream is alive in this county… the pride in being an American… is alive in this county. The love of our flag, and for the brave souls who defend it, can be felt wherever you go.

On July 6th, at Gator Harley-Davidson, a group of those proud Americans were there. Combat Vets “Until They Ride” is an organization that is helping those who have become disabled while serving our country. We have our freedom to do what we want each day because of these brave souls. This is our opportunity to restore just one of theirs.

Combat Vets and Until They Ride

Gator Harley-Davidson, led by John Malik Jr., has been a champion for our Veterans anytime it is needed. So when the opportunity crossed Gator’s event coordinators desk, Jan Wideman, it was immediately something that Gator Harley-Davidson was going to do all they could to help. They have already customized a bike for a disabled Veteran, why not help further.

Gator Harley -Davidson, particularly Jan Wideman, turned to FXE to provide entertainment for this event. Why FXE? It is the passion and diligence to put on an entertaining show of FXE owner, Joseph Mattiace, that drew Gator and FXE together. Joseph, or Jester in certain circles, has always made it a point to use his platform to help children. Now under FXE, it allows him to help all charities. Helping our Veterans is an honor for him, it also can be felt throughout his staff and crew.

Gator Harley-Davidson’s Jan Wideman and some of the crowd having fun in the VIP area. (photo credit- Kat Pressner)

July 6th, was a celebration of America and it’s Veterans. The celebration began at noon with a ceremony for Mike “Redleg” McGrath’s return from 10,000 miles in 10 days to gain awareness. From 2p until 4p Florida’s finest wrestling then proceeded to light up the building. Kudos to the cast and crew of FXE and it’s owner. While Joseph has experience in entertainment, it was the first time this cast and crew worked together. For most of us in attendance, it was hard to believe that.

Food, drinks and adult beverages were available. Food thanks to “Fillin Good” food truck and the Mojo Grill. Drinks and adult beverages thanks to both the MFC and the MFPSA. Both the MFC and the MFPSA are fantastic organizations of their own in the community.

The event raised more than expected thanks to the outpuring of love in the community. There was an auction for one of the chair’s used in the show. It was at that point, the showroom started chanting U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A. It was impossible to not get chills from the love of country in the room.

Gator Harley-Davidson has the reputation for it’s love of community and the Veterans. On this day, we learned Florida Extreme Entertainment’s love for community too.

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