Merry Christmas to All

Leesburg, Fl-

Hi all. Jester here.

An absolutely amazing time right now for FXE.

I just returned from my trip to the great state of West Virginia. This is a state that I had driven through many times and had never stopped. I’m now sorry I hadn’t prior.

After Christmas we have several major announcements scheduled and yes, West Virginia is one of them.

What can I say about West Virginia? I can safely say, this must be one of the most down to earth areas in the nation. The hospitality shown everywhere I went was incredibly heart warming. I can not wait to tell you more about the people in the coming weeks.

I didn’t know where our first show out of state would be, but I couldn’t be happier where it has turned out. Bringing the fun, entertainment and unpredictability of an FXE show to these people will be our team’s pleasure.

Give the gift of grit this holiday at Reebok!

While I was up there and in my hotel room one night, I was on the phone with my team back in Florida. We already have come up with something special….just for this particular crowd.

We have become known for fun, interactive and unpredictable shows…what can we come up with for a large venue?? This is where an LOL fits in mixed with a side smirk. Jester being Jester.

The professional talent we have on our roster, and available to us, allows our creativity to take us anywhere we want to for a show. Our Florida fans know what West Virginia is about to see.

Truly it is our wrestlers, who work so hard everyday, bringing the most amazing show you will see at any level. It allows our storylines and matches to be things people have never seen before. So for those of you in West Virginia, get ready for a treat, we have something special just for you.

Mr. E. knows what is coming. West Virginia peeps…this is Mr. E. and he comes out when something is up. He comes out often, as we are usually up to something around here.

Mostly, I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. Whether that holiday is Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa… it all means love and special times for families.

From my family and the FXE family to yours…enjoy making memories this holiday season.

FXE will be closed from December 24th until January 1st.

January 2nd… well… hahahaha…yes we have some announcements. Stay tuned!


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