PumpkinPalooza: Lake County’s Halloween Party



Leesburg, Fl.-   In today’s world we are all looking for affordable fun, whether for the kiddies or the adults. When searching for that affordable fun, look no further than PumpkinPalooza!

Coming off two successful shows, Florida Extreme Entertainment is at it again. This time it’s for Halloween. What have they come up with for this one? How about a full day event for the whole family!

FXE has decided to put together a party for Lake County… and what a party is planned!! How about two wrestling shows and Live music? Anyone for games, raffles and costume contests? That’s right a full schedule of fun for all.

Obviously, I must start with the wrestling portion of the day. In Jester’s desire to bring the people the best possible show, he brings in talent for each show that he has personally scouted. For this day, he has done it again as 1/3 of the scheduled roster reads like a who’s who from the WWE, WWE NXT, and WWE Evolve casts. Stars like Chico Adams, D3, Lindsay Snow, Natalia Markova are scheduled. Also scheduled to appear from the WWE, WCW and TNA is the Prince of Punk, Shannon Moore. Shannon will be facing a local star in Billy McCloud. Billy McCloud is originally from Umatilla and is an EIGHT time Lake County champion! How will the local hero do against Shannon Moore?


The FXE Heavyweight Champion and the FXE Ladies Champion will be in action!

FXE Heavyweight Champion, Mercenary Pitbull Romeo Quevedo.


Sofia Castillo- FXE Ladies Champion (Photo credit RiverHorse)

The wrestling portion of the day is being split in two. Doors will open at noon. The first wrestling show is from 1pm-3pm and is more for the kids. There will be a costume contest for the young ones. Cash and prizes will be given out to the winners. The second wrestling show is from 6pm- 8pm and includes several “creative” matches. Jester always has something up his sleeve. The second show also features an adult costume contest. Winners receiving cash and prizes for that one as well.

In between these matches will be LIVE music. When Jester decided to have a band at an event for the first time, he reached out to the locals. Jester said, “It’s simple, bring great wrestlers, have fun and games and bring music the fans want to see.”. In making sure that happened, he put out an advert in several groups on Facebook and asked everyone who they wanted to see. With a stroke of luck, the band’s name is appropriate for the event. Lost Boyz will be performing between both shows. The rumor mill has it they will be appearing as vampires!

Yes, everyone is highly encouraged to come in costume, as this is Lake County’s Halloween Party!

What would a party be without games and good food?

Vendors will be on hand as well.

I mentioned food. Just like having live music is a first for FXE, so is having food at the event. The special is going to be pulled pork sliders. You will have a choice of four different pork flavors!

All of this is happening October 19, 2019 at the Leesburg National Guard Armory, 400 W. Meadow St. Leesburg, Fl. 34748.

Early Matinee Tickets (Noon until 4:30p)

Includes kiddie costume contest, the early wrestling show followed by music by Lost Boyz!

Adults- $12, Children 8-17 $5, Children 7 and under free with paid adult.

Late Show Tickets (4:45p until 8p?)

Includes music by Lost Boyz followed by wrestling and the adult costume contest!

Adults- $12, Children 8-17 $5, Children 7 and under free with paid adult.

Combination Tickets (noon-8p?)

WHOLE DAY- Both wrestling shows, all contests and both Live performances by Lost Boyz!!

Adults- $20, Children 8-17 $10, Children 7 and under free with paid adult.

Making PumpkinPalooza, Lake County’s Halloween Party for the whole family! Kids of all ages, we all have a kid in us, can have fun for the day and have it be affordable.

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Saving the best for last. What would an FXE event be without a charity to help?

For this one, FXE is donating 100% of ticket sales to the early show to our local Veterans Administration. I think Jester says it best, “When we needed them, the had our backs. When they need us, we should have theirs.”.

There are two times you will see Jester serious. One is about helping children, as he has stated for years, “They are our innocents.”. The other is when talking about our Veterans. Jester goes on, “Veterans have answered the bell. They have said, I’m willing to die for our country, for each of us. These are the heroes. In a country where someone playing sports can make millions, the very least we can do is protect the people who gave us the freedom to play those sports.”

So there you have it, PumpkinPalooza. Truly a Halloween party for Lake County! A time of fun for everyone. I find it fantastic that, once again, FXE can turn something so fun… into something that helps give to those in need.

Adult all day passes are available here.

You can follow the event on Facebook here.

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