PumpkinPalooza Review

PumpkinPalooza Review

by Brad Tinsdale

Leesburg, FL. – PumpkinPalooza was all that it was billed. Top notch wrestling sprinkled with twists, fun and live music. The show was billed as two wrestling shows separated by rock and roll. The uniqueness of a dual show, targeted for a children’s crowd for the matinee, with an adult show in the evening, was not lost on the wrestling community. It would prove to be interesting how they would differentiate the two.

Walking into the Florida National Guard Armory you knew you were ready for a party. The building was decorated well with Halloween accoutrement throughout. How they kept the hay from incinerating during the pyrotechnics is beyond me.

When the early show started with the Frankenstein monster coming out, you knew this was going to be an interesting show. Frankenstein was in a “handicapped” match against a regular wrestling tag team Elevate and Innovate. The idea was brilliant and was done well. Frankie didn’t win but the match did. Elevate and Innovate are a tag-team to watch for in 2020.

As the matinee continued, it was evident Jester’s hand was all over this star-studded roster. Star after star came out of the entrance. When Frankenstein came out, we all knew we were in for treats. Jester had tricks planned as well.

The depth Jester has on his roster is what he feels drives his shows and he is correct. Many of his talent are currently working somewhere under the WWE brand. As he says, “Everyone on my roster, their career path is in an upward trend. It lends to getting top talent in their prime or hungry for that golden ring. It produces fantastic wrestling.” When asked about that talent, what does he look for in a wrestler. “I first look at who trained you. Who built the core of who you are as a worker. There are certain schools I will look to first. It’s no secret that I love what Pops does at Wild Samoan. His experience, his values and caring for each person he is training is second to none.” He refers to “Pops” who is one half of the WWE Hall of Fame tag team The wild Samoans, Afa. “Besides his family being royalty in the WWE world, they are loved throughout Florida wrestling for their positive impact.”

So next featured two young men who represent that school, both showed why they have made appearances on WWE and NXT. Amazing wrestling came from Chico Adams vs The Prince of Roma: D3. Chico Adams is widely considered one of the top heels (bad guys) in the up and coming stars. D3 is a delight to watch. The number of different moves performed at the highest level show his widely known work ethic. Their training was evident. A fun match that ended in a draw.

The third match was a battle of beauties. The FXE/ American Legion Auxiliary 35 Ladies Champion Sofia Castillo was in action. This time against a rival she knows very well in the Unbreakable Lexii Gomez. Prior to the match, Jester had voiced concerns that his champion might be taking this one lightly and looking passed her. It’s easy to happen with young talent. Well, Jester turned out to be right. Sofia was in a battle the whole match. It ended with a new Unbreakable Champion. Lexii Gomez, an extremely tough young lady came away victorious. This is where we will see where Sofia is in FXE. Will she come back with a fury? Jester has made it clear, he thinks he has a good read on his young rising star and says he thinks she’ll be back even stronger. In the meantime, Lexii Gomez, your new FXE/ American Legion Auxiliary 35 Champion!

FXE/ American Legion Auxiliary 35 Champion The Unbreakable Lexii Gomez

But the first half was capped off by something the Florida wrestling fans, like myself, never ever would’ve expected or seen coming. What seemed to be a highly predictable match outcome, was anything but routine.

Tag team title matches where one team puts something on the line versus another is as old as wrestling itself. So on the surface, Project Star Power vs the Drunken Doggs seemed just that, routine. The leader of the Doggs, The Puerto Rican Hounddogg is known throughout Florida, United States, Puerto Rico and Europe for his signature hair. He put up those locks against Project Star Power’s career in wrestling. No brainer here… PSP isn’t leaving wrestling. PRH isn’t losing his hair. You see them sometimes in wrestling, predictable outcomes. It seems like the story line has backed itself into the corner with only one possible result, a draw or DQ. Nobody wins.


Not in Jester’s world everyone. His creative unpredictability was in full effect in this one, when PSP won the match! Meaning the signature locks of Puerto Rican Hounddogg would be gone. It was as if the whole building gasped at once when that bell rang out. FXE had it’s first ever Tag-Team Champions in Project Star Power. Which should’ve been huge in itself. A very talented tag-team had just won a first ever company title. But that wasn’t on anyone’s mind this day. There are things that you  just don’t do. You just don’t take someone’s signature hair. You just don’t. Jester had to let him off the hook somehow.

Puerto Rican Hounddogg and what was his signature hair.










NO. Jester didn’t HAVE to. Jester makes it quite clear, don’t ever think you know what’s next.

He would not let his star back out of the deal. Even worse, to embarrass him, Jester stopped the show and went live on Facebook for the shaving of his head.

Here is a screenshot of that live feed.

During the shaving of his head, several little jawing sessions would breakout. Which we will get to in a minute, but need to tell everyone this…

click picture for more!


During the shaving, you had mixed arguments going back and forth as the stars of the FXE locker room came out to watch this historic event. FXE/ Gator Harley-Davidson Heavyweight Champion Romeo Quevedo and Project Star Powers, Ace Slater, had several words the whole time.

After the shaving, Houndddogg took to beating El Waldo who caused the loss and also took the belts. He grabbed them just prior to the presentation and ran out the back door. He drove off and nobody knows what he did with them. Stay tuned on that front.

Also, stay tuned for more on the Ace vs Romeo chatter and what came of that, as well as the rest of the matinee show, the night show results and why was Jester less than happy while everyone else was thrilled. More as my coverage of PumpkinPalooza continues tomorrow.

All this and coming details as FXE moves onto Gator Harley-Davidson’s Cruisin for St. Jude, on November 16th, at the dealership on 441 in Leesburg.

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Cover Photo Credit: Ken Cooper aka Champagne Ken

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