Recovering From Beckley

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Back in Florida-

Amazing. Memorable…. and recovering from Beckley!

Hi everyone, this is Jester. Not often you will find me speechless, but that’s how I left West Virginia. First, let me tell you about Beckley, West Virginia. If down home cooking was a city…Beckley would be it. This is down home America at its best. You can’t help but feel welcome wherever you visit and with whomever you speak to while there. Steeped in American tradition from day one, as it is named after one of the signees of the Bill of Rights. John Beckley was a proud American. Beckley residents carry those traditions of hard work and family.

What they also bring are some of the most passionate wrestling fans I have met to date. WOW. The Beckley area wrestling fan is knowledgeable and fun. It is a great combination to bring an FXE show. Fans seemed to truly appreciate the old school feel of the house lights down and spot lights above the ring. But we showed them, FXE is more than just old school lighting over a ring. Fans appreciated the mix of old school wrestling into our interactive show. One of the matches that was truly hit the old school feel was the Legend Savio Vega vs FXE’s The Storm.

The crowd was looking for a fun time. And from the very start, was intent on being loud. When El Waldo sang to start the show…and the crowd jumped in singing loudly…you knew it was going to be a special night. El Waldo’s singing didn’t last long. Hellhound was all over him and then joined by Prophecy Delgado in beating poor El Waldo. Thanks to the bravery of the Son’s of Samoa, El Waldo was saved.

It also signaled the start of a feud between The Sons and the two bullies. That feud would start to be played out later in the show. As the newly formed tag team of Hellhound and Prophecy called themselves The Disciples, the Sons of Samoa were not impressed and accepted their challenge. That match ended in a no decision. This prompting the Samoans to throw down a gauntlet of major proportions!! For the next Beckley show…A SAMOAN DEATH MATCH CHALLENGE!!

The Disciples either have something up their sleeves or are, in my opinion, clearly clueless what they have gotten themselves into. I took it upon myself (It’s good to be the king) to take the microphone and up the ante. The Samoan Death Match is now also for the recently vacated Tag Team titles!!! Making it the main event for May 16th and the show appropriately named… Collision Course.

Back to Mountain Mayhem and the WWE vs FXE competition of the evening. Mikey Mondo of the Spirit Squad was the first WWE representative. He would learn quickly that Jester wanted to win that first one as he made it a handicapped match. Mondo vs both the Cuban Assassin and Death Mark. In a valiant effort and against the crowds wishes…Mondo went down.

FXE 1 and WWE 0

The Unbreakable Lexii Gomez continues to scare off opponents as Allie Recks called out. Allie says it was due to a medical concern. We will see in the future if that becomes a pattern. Poor Lexii found herself in another inter-gender match from someone from somewhere that to date…nobody cares his name. This because Lexii made him look silly for getting in the ring with her. The Champion never looked stronger. As I have stated since that beat down… I want to see the woman who is going to take that belt off of her.

In a match that feature two FXE heavyweights, we found our new number one contender for the heavyweight belt. NYR Ramos vs Six Tool Product Anthony Catena. One professional vs one loud mouth. Honestly, I have never been so happy to watch a wrestler lose, like I was, when Catena blew his chance at the title. I know, I know I’m supposed to remain impartial. I normally don’t care who wins, as long as it’s a good match. I can tell you, without any question, I want Catena to lose every match here at FXE. He wants to continue to wrestle here. I will continue to let him against the biggest and baddest men I can find.

Back to WWE vs FXE and match number 2. Savio Vega vs The Storm. Everyone knew going into this that it was going to be a tough match and anyone could win it. The young rising star vs the older skilled and sneaky veteran. At one point, Savio was begging for Storm to stop. Pictured below.

That was short lived and a rouse to fool the younger opponent. Savio eventually won.

Making it…FXE 1 and WWE 1

All this going into the Sons of Samoa match. Which, as you know from earlier, ended in no decision.

Final Score: 1-1-1 for both sides.

With the crowd going crazy we headed into the Main Event… the Beckley Brawl for it All! The Fatal Four Way match for the Cruiserweight title. A match where falls would count anywhere. FXE Cruiserweight Champion Ice Dragon vs Chocolit vs Dick Danger vs the “Samoan Cruiserweight” Lance Anoa’i.

Each one choosing someone from the Beckley area to win $1000.00 if they emerge victorious.

Chocolit for a local stripper.

Dick Danger had put a sticker under a chair and that was who he was wrestling for in the crowd.

Lance Anoa’i decided to go with John Covey Cole from the Royal Ramble webcast. Or as I like to call him…John Cubby Hole. I can’t stand the man. He is literally the only person with no clue about hospitality in Beckley, West Virginia.

With our Champion wrestling for the local high school student raises his or her GPA the most from freshman year to senior year to receive a $1000 scholarship.

The match was everywhere and clearly was a battle of wills. Lance looked like the most likely to win before the match. During the match, it didn’t look much different. He literally took turns throwing people around. But in a phenomenal finish to any match, it was Ice Dragon who rose above all when he went up to the second floor of the Beckley Raleigh County Convention Center and climbed the railing to dive from that position onto Dick Danger. Upon landing, Dragon reached over to a dazed and confused Dick Danger and got the pin.

It was an amazing finish to one helluva night. The chants were loud, including a “THIS IS AWESOME” chant at one point.

Yes, FXE came to Beckley for the first time. Both the Beckley residents and the FXE wrestlers are glad it won’t be the last.

In May on the 16th, at Collision Course, will be another show that will feature the WWE vs FXE battle as we go with 3 matches again.

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Lexii Gomez will be in action, this time against a woman who will show up. This time with her belt very much on the line vs someone who could very well take it. Who? Well…in the industry that’s called a teaser. Stay tuned for the special announcement!

The men’s Heavyweight belt will be on the line. The Tag Team belt will be on the line. The new number one contender for the Cruiserweight belt will be on the line.

Plus, still to come…what is Jester’s surprise for this show?

An amazing time to be a fan of FXE as we get ready to debut at the 19,000 sq ft FXE Growth and Performance Center on April 17th for the show, “Ground Breaking”.

Now you can add Beckley, West Virginia and the shows there to the excitement. Next up for WV fans, May 16th and “Collision Course “!!


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