When Stars Collide

Leesburg, Fl.-

When stars collide at poolside in Florida, the fallout can be felt for miles!

Literally, for 793 miles from the point of impact, this one will be felt.

I guess I should explain, for the world, what the heck I’m talking about.

February 29th in Beckley, West Virginia FXE Adrenaline Wrestling is bringing the show, “Mountain Mayhem”!

Beckley, West Virginia is the home of everything American. Blue collar hard working Americans this country was built on. If you check, literally built from a Beckley. John Beckley signed the Bill of Rights.

So this area is steeped in tradition. It is now going to be steeped in wrestling history.

As FXE was planning the show, something happened that can start the change of the wrestling landscape.

I, Jester, have been know for my creativity and unpredictability. What I’ve also become known for is the pride I have in the talent of each and every wrestler in the FXE family.

For those not in the state of Florida, let me help you understand. In Florida, we are blessed with some phenomenal wrestlers sprinkled throughout the state. In our short time and right from the first show, we have been recognized for the talent level.

When starting FXE and needing to fulfill the complexity of the creativity in matches, I had to make sure the talent level was equal to the task. Each and every member of the FXE family are hard workers. Each is either at the highest level in the industry or well on their way because of their skill level.

With this, I can understand if it was just me saying we have an extremely talented group..I’m supposed to feel that way. It has been the feedback I have personally received from people I respect in the business giving us a thumbs up from day one.

It’s not about comparing to other federations. We all do what we can for this great business. But when faced with someone not necessarily enamored by our roster, I’m going to stand up for my locker room.

Poolside in Florida, I came face to face with just such a person. The outcome can be felt 793 miles away…on February 29th.

Longtime wrestling legend, Tugboat, was sitting poolside and I decided to approach him. I had to, regarding what I had heard him say when I wasn’t within earshot.

Here is that meeting…

Thanks to that meeting, Beckley, West Virginia is going to feel and see when stars collide, at Mountain Mayhem.

Simply put, it is the best of the best, the stars of WWE vs the best of what we have here at FXE.

I clearly welcome the David and Goliath comparison. I remember how that story turned out.

February 29th, in historic Beckley, West Virginia…David gets everyone’s attention. As FXE signs it’s Bill of Rights in the wrestling world.

Stay tuned as over the coming days we both squads, Tugboat and mine will be announced. Yes, Tugboat will be at the show for his team and even doing a meet n greet!

This is going to be amazing!

Jester Out!

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