Wrestlemania Tickets 101

Leesburg, FL-

Hey all, Jester here. Fun times and even better announcements lately if you have been following on the Florida Extreme Entertainment Facebook page!

Apologies for the delay in posts. Brad took ill and is on the mend. Expect more from him here in the future.

I’m going to start writing here once a week myself. Updates mostly, stories from the road or information based…like this one will be shortly.

Many times it will come from on the road now as FXE is planning events throughout the country.

Grammar and spelling police…have fun. I’m busy and I’m sure I’ll do well enough for everyone to understand.

Some of you may be new to me, I, him, the Jester, the Fantasy Jester, Colin Jesternick, Jester Irwin and many other silly Jester names.


Depending on who you talk to I’m either extremely creative and have incredible vision for the future of wrestling…. or I’m the antichrist of wrestling. Lol. Let’s just say..haters are gonna hate.

As they say down here in the south…bless their little hearts.

Uncle Jester is here, not just to be creative for FXE or bring spectacles to an audience, for those who love it…

For those who live it…

From fans….to worker’s who bleed it.

Maybe some of you know the following, about the best ways to purchase Wrestlemania tickets. Many might not. That is why I named it Wrestlemania Tickets 101… not the College edition.

Once upon a time Uncle Jester was a sports talk show host.

Just say…I’ve been to an event or two.

I’ve seen several posts recently on social media regarding tickets and felt I could shed some light.

Here are the cheapest ways to get tickets.

Go to https://www.ticketmaster.com and sign up. Load in your preferences to wrestling and/or wrestlemania. Also, once the location of the next mania comes along, update your preferences for that venue.

This particular portion doesn’t help with this year’s mania, but it does for future events. Once signed up and preferences are loaded you will get presale info. These are limited pre-release seats before they go on sale to the general public.

Then, of course, is trying to purchase them the day the tickets actually go on sale.

But let’s say you want to go to this coming Mania. When and how do you get the best prices?

Always double check with ticketmaster. Random tickets become available without notice for various reasons such as cancellations or show production changes.

Another way is a place like StubHub, who sell tickets to all events. The proper way to utilize this platform is to wait until two hours before the show. There are people that have purchased tickets and didnt get their price and are panicked. Tickets prices drop during the day of the show almost every 15 minutes. This is also the last of the safest ways to purchase tickets, as inexpensive as posible, this late in the game.


There is always a but…


If you don’t mind walking up to a perfect stranger to get a ticket outside the venue (let’s just say I’ve “heard” of this method), this is the cheapest way, other than day of sales and presales.

I’ve “heard” there are times, if you wait until 10 minutes before a show, you can get them for less than face value.

Again, it’s likely a good many of you will know these methods. But to the few who didn’t…enjoy Mania cheaper…from your Uncle Jester.

Jester… Out!

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